Irina Zagornova
The Golden Rooster at KOLPING HOUSE NY JUNE 2013
"THE GOLSEN ROOSTER" at Russian Mission NYC
"The Golden Rooster" School 81 NYC December 2010
Russian Embassy Washington DC March 13-14 2010
Russian Maslenitsa Albany Feb 13 2010
Russian Federation Consulate New Year Jan 16 2010
School concert NYC 2010
Russian Trinity Church film recording 2009
"Radish" 2009
Final 2009 June 20
Synagoga March 8 2009
Russian Consulate 2009 N.Baskov M.Caballe
Russian Consulate Performance "Morozko" 2009
Youtube Golden Rooster
US OPEN 2008
Trenton Concert September 2008
House Party December 2008
Ded Moroz 2009
Yasha Klugman Rising Star 2009
"The Golden Rooster Astoria Concert 2008
Irina Zagornova and "Russian Carnival" ensemble at Russian Mission 2008 NY
"Golden Rooster" and Yuri Entin 1 st International Festival 2008
Sudarushka New Year 2008
Russian Ornaments Program 2008
Brooklyn Public Library "Morozko" 2007
Russian Federation Consulate 2007
Trio "Sudarushka" in Moscow
Concert in United Nations
Concert in Russian Federation Consulate feb 2007
Irina Zagornova Baku 2007
The "Golden Rooster" at National Arts Club 2006
Russian Consulate Performance 2006
Irina Zagornova
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The Russian Gift of Life Concert 10.16.2005
Statue of Liberty Concert 09.10.2005
House Concert 06.24.05
NYANA 's Festival in Brooklyn 06.05.2005
Mr.Markowitz reception 06.09.05
Maslenitsa on Brighton Beach
The Gugenheim Museum


Irina Zagornova was born in Russia.
In 1985 she graduated with high honors from the Musorgsky College of Music in St.Petersburg, where she studied folk singing and classical piano.
In her career,Irina has performed as featured artist with varios ensembles throughout the World.

1986 -1993 Lenkoncert, soloist, St.Petersburg, Russia.
1990 - Competition "The Best Voices of Russia", Smolensk.
1994 - ms Zagornova toured the US with group "Russian Tornado" and Manheim Steamroller.She shared the stage with her 5-year old daughter and fellow singer Diana
1996 - Irina founded children's folk group "The Golden Rooster".
1997 - a role in the movie "Taxman".
2000 - Irina foinded trio "Sudarushka"
1993 - present A vocal and piano teacher (Kingsboro Community college, different Performing Art centers etc...
2007 - trio "Sudarushka" performed in 1 International Festival in Moscow
2005- present President  of Rissan Folklore Program in RACH organization.    
Concert appearances : 1998-2003
Petrushka Russian Nobility Ball 1998
NYU 1998
Russian World Gallery 1998
Welcome Back to Brooklyn 1998
Wagner Studio 1998
United Nations (Annual Award Dinner of the UNCA)1998
Town Hall : "La Molinara","Iolanta" 1999
Children's Museum of New York 1999
Women's World Silver Cup 1999
Russian Embassy 2000,2002
SAKS Fifth Ave (Window Display Opening) 2002
Carnegie Hall (Kids Will Save The World) 2003
Festivals (NYANA,HIAS,International Festival of Young Talents,Morning Srar in America etc) 2001-2005


An expert in Russian musical folklore Irina sings in the authentic Russian "open throat" style characteristic of Russian Folk Singing and has collected material on several expedition throughout Russia.She has particularly excelled in the genre known "Chastushki",or "ditties".Her ebullent personality and dynamic stage presence are exceptionaly well-suited to the playful manner in which these humorous love songs are traditionally performed.

As The Independent of London described one of Irina's resent performaances,"There was no ignoring Irina,She heralled her entry on the scene with sudden high yelp... and there she is...warbling and tap dancing with merry abandon" to the joyful straines of her bayan accompanist.
"Irina has us spellbound".


646-286-2134 IRINA
917-825-8988 LEON